Padfolios is the best portfolio manager available on the App Store and also the ONLY one that works for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, all in one universal app you don’t have to buy additional apps. Padfolios let you create amazing portfolios of your work with an elegant, minimal and easy-to-use interface that allows you to add a customized background with your logo or any info you want, so you keep your brand in your customer's mind while you show the best of your work.

If you are a graphic designer, photographer, architect, fashion designer, jewelry designer, or simply if you have something to show, now that you have the best device, you deserve only the best application to show your work. Padfolios offers you a beautiful interface so you can give your clients the best impression, and the best experience while showing them you fantastic work!

Padfolios detect when is running on a Retina display device, so the images are saved in better quality, so you can enjoy your images in the amazing Retina display of the iPad® 3rd generation with a professional quality and a huge detail.

You can also add a detailed information for each one of your images, so when you are showing the to your clients, or partners, you can comment on the technique used, the materials, the price, or even a nice detail about the shot. You have also the option to send it by mail with all the info.

You can customize all the user interface so when you are showing your Padfolios, it goes well with your brand and your personal needs.

All this with a fantastic easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

When you are showing your work to a client, sometimes not all your work is suitable for every client. So with Padfolios you can decide the albums you want to hide and the ones that will be showed. Additionally you can rearrange them to give priority to a special Padfolios.

To keep a comfortable work area, this view has been divided in two for the iPhone and iPod touch version so you could easily edit everything in the screen of your portable device. Switch between views with these two buttons.

The view inside each one of your Padfolios can be also easily customized, by changing the colors, background and by adding your images, that can be modified, or edited fast and easy to keep Padfolios fresh with all your new work.

Start showing your Padfolios

Beautiful User interface

Images with the best quality

Your images have something to say

Fully customizable for your brand

Show only what you want to show

Make Padfolios completely yours

Universal App

Made for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch